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Why to choose ENVEO panels

Zvětšený užitný prostor


  • narrower walls lead to higher usable room area
  • wall formed by the panel is 3x narrower than the clay block wall than the masonry made of clay blocks wall
Snížení hmotnosti


  • panels weight: 95-115 kg/m2
  • low or zero waste - prefabrication lowers the volume of waste
  • max. volume of waste on site is 1 %
Světová technologie


  • technology of pre-prepared panel consisting of a lightweight steel structure (SFS), insulated and sheathed , inserted or suspended infront the construction
  • well known and proven by years of experience in Great Britain, Holland, South Africa, Australia for more than 20 years
Šetření životního prostředí


  • modularity leads to maximizing thef use of construction materials
  • EPD for materials used for the system
  • less transport = less CO2 emmisions
Rychlost výstavby


  • panels produced off-site
  • pre-production reduces construction time by 75% compared to the wet masonry process on the site
  • the casing is installed in a short time
  • the time needed at the construction site is shortened


  • variations of facade finish: ETICS, Ventilated facade, Lining, Photo Voltaic
  • technology suitable for both new or renovated buildings in residential as well as non-residential sectors
Úspora času a emisí


  • 4 trained workers on site needed only
  • all year construction technology - by absence of wet processes
  • shorter time for scaffolding occupation


  • detailed design process identifies and resolves issues before work begins on site
  • controlled and efficient production process
  • technical tests according to EU standards
  • system certification and warranty

Innovative and proven solution

ENVEO panels are manufactured off-site. They create subsequently a secondary structure, which is fixed at the floor and in the ceiling of the skeleton structure. A light fill-in system for the perimeter wall. Installation is carried out from inside the building.

The panel is placed on the edge of the board or suspended on the facade, allowing continuous installation of insulation and external finishes. This modification is usually the most economical solution especially for facade reconstruction.

Saint-Gobain products are used in the system

  • RigiStabil – board with high bending strength and surface hardness
  • Glasroc X – board with increased moisture resistence, free of organic components, mold resistant

ENVEO construction details

 Construction details are designed in accordance with the static, mechanical, acoustic and thermal requirements of EN standards.

 ● Thermal assessment - verification of critical points from the point of view of condensation (10 details).
 ● Statical assessment- verification of anchoring designs , panel links etc.
 ● Acoustical assessment – verification of material components and test.
 ● Fire assessment – verification of fire resistence by test acc. EN.

Note: mentioned verified parameters serve as a proposal for a general technical solution. For a specific project, local climatic conditions, dimensions of the building, static assessment, fire safety and specificities resulting from the location of a specific building must be taken into account.

ENVEO adapts to each project

The building is designed to be airtight and insulated. The details are designed to prevent thermal bridges and at the same time to achieve the best acoustic air soundness of the whole structure.

By a suitably selected composition of materials in the system and its overall layers thickness are following properties achieved:
 ● passive house standard - this is an indicator of significantly low total energy demand for heating and ventilation. Indicator is demonstrated by the value of the thermal conductivity coefficient of the building envelope U [W/m2K]
 ● comfortable acoustics - thanks to the high airtightness of the individual structures [dB].

Compare 2-bedroom flat with living room and kitchen with ENVEO panels versus masonry

Compare the selected parameters of the ENVEO system with commonly used
walling materials in terms of acoustics, weight, water consumption, use of usable space or thermal resistance.





The Lighthouse - Isle of Dogs, Docklands, London
Mast Quay, Woolwich - London
Colehill Development - Leith, Edinburgh



 ● The Construction Technical Certificate (Declaration of conformity) is a document required by European as well as Czech legislation, used to confirm the conformity of a work with the requirements set out in the applicable legislation and the building permit.
 ● EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) - is a set of measurable information about the environmental performance of a product throughout its life cycle
 ● Technical datasheet ENVEO front – product characteristics

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Off-site manufacturing is the way to simplify and speed up construction

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